Trending colour 2017 for Interior design

interior design-trend-2017

Denim Drift

Do you want to adapt your interior design to the new trend of 2017?  Than Denim Drift is the must-have colour for your home this year!  It’s a cool and modern kind of blue so, have a good look at your favourite denims and integrate it in your house!

Denim Drift is a very accessible colour. Still, you should be careful when incorporating it into your interior design. Don’t overdo it so your home doesn’t become too cold.  Combine it with natural materials such as wool, wood end leather to create a cosy atmosphere and soften up the coolness of the blue.

Denim drift and your interior design

When looking through any interior design magazine or blog, you’ll see that blue is the new trendy colour of 2017. Let the natural world into your home and combine your greyish-blue with other natural colours. These tonal blues go well with clay and earthy colours and for details add some metallic such as golden and brass materials, for instance a copper coloured pendant lamp.


interior design-trendy-colour

 Accessorise your interior design with denim drift

You are not really into changing the entire colour scheme of your living room? No problem, make a feature wall, or paint a part of a wall, a door, …  Or just incorporate denim drift accessories to your home. Paint an old dresser blue, add some denim coloured cushions or change your curtains to add some trendiness.

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Although denim drift is a very versatile and timeless blue, it is possible it does not go well with the style of your home. Go for a variation of the denim blue. With a very classical interior design it might be better to go for a royal blue. If your home is inspired by a more exotic feeling, opt for a turquoise or emerald blue.

Find the right balance and surely it will create a great plus for your home!

So what do we think as a leading estate agent?

This article really caught our eye and it goes to show how a simple colour can have a huge visual impact when designing a home. All our latest new build villas are designed to a modern and contemporary design utilising the very latest in interior design ideology. Why not give us a call in Altea or Moraira and ask to view some of our new build villas.