Refurbishing your kitchen? Here some tips from Altea Moraira Villas


open kitchen in style

5 Tips to create the ideal open kitchen


For many people the kitchen is the hart and soul of the house. We don’t just cook and eat there, in general we spend a lot of time there. A living-kitchen is high in demand. Here a couple of tips to realise your dream kitchen.

1. Kitchen island

A cooking island is the center of your kitchen. It is the ideal place to spend time with the entire family. When renovating or installing your kitchen think about the practical things: how many sockets will you need? Will you need a water connections? Do you want a seating area? How large?

2. Open kitchen

Open up your kitchen as much as possible. Avoid having to many corners and small walls. It makes it easy to keep an eye on your kids, take part in the fun with family and friends.

3. Practical Wall

4. Extractor

Essential in an open kitchen is a good and powerful extractor. First of all it needs to have a lot of power so you don’t get a misty living room. Secondly, make sure it’s not noisy so you can keep spending quality time with your loved ones.

5. Lights

A living kitchen needs intelligent and diverse lights. You need enough light for cooking, and it’s also a good idea to have a softer modus, on the other hand the seating area of the kitchen island needs to be bright enough to do some work, read a book, et cetera.

6. Outside

Living in the Costa Blanca and it’s incredible climate it is a good idea to not only have a kitchen that is one unit with the living area. If you are lucky enough to have a terrace on the same level, plan well ahead and invest a little more so you can open those doors so your kitchen can serve as a summer kitchen.
In short, plan well! A practical and beautiful kitchen deserves good planning and an extra effort from your part. It will be worth the investment!





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