Moors & Christians

This weekend in Altea starts the visual spectacle that is the Moro’s y Christians, a fiesta that is action packed, full of magnificent costumes and parades, which ends in an epic gunpowder filled mock battle and a spectacular firework show finale, it is something not to be missed.

Spain is well known for being a Country rich with culture and this is one of the hundreds of fiestas and festivals that take place all across Spain each year.

The Moors and Christians is one of the most significant and important fiestas commemorating the historic confrontation between the cultures (Muslim) Moros and the Christians, who battled to gain back control of Spain.

This battle and the subsequent re-enactments are celebrated and are especially popular in Valencia and Alicante, have taken place over for over 4 centuries, dating back to the 16th century in which the Christian soldiers succeeded over the Moorish soldiers and became the surprise victors, despite being outnumbered. The fiesta celebrates this victory and in particular honours the Patron Saint of the many of the towns and cities across Valencian communities who played an important role in the historic clash.

Discover an important part of Spanish history whilst you enjoy all the grandeur of the costumes and watch the fascinating marching processions in the streets and religious ceremonies. There are 3 main days of festival in which towns’ folk and tourists alike will pack the streets and balconies to admire this beautiful yet brutal part of Spanish culture.

Witness this fabulous Fiesta in all its splendour this year and every year in Altea where you can guarantee the participants will endeavour to outshine themselves each time, it is something to behold and not to be missed.

Please follow this link to the program for the Moors and Christians Fiesta September 2017