Get to know the Altea Moraira Villas manager a little better!

Interview with Martijn Rietveld, the managing force of

Altea Moraira Villas here in calle La mar 139 in Altea.

Tell us a little bit about your career before real estate.

Wow…Let me think. That´s quite a while ago 😊
I have moved to Spain 17 years ago, so that was in the period when I still was living in Holland. Those last years in my home country, my career was in the Television & Entertainment industry. I worked as Planner for a company that did “Television Broadcast Facilities”
(everything that had to do with TV-crews, TV- cameras, as well as small and large equipment etc, in order to make television programs). Before that I was a Sales representative responsible for sales of Business & Group events for companies at the Dutch TV studios. This was a nice and exciting time in my life!! But not nearly as nice, as working here in Spain, with the nice climate and lovely colleagues & people I have around me here in Altea….

How did you get your start in real estate?

I started out working at a Dutch Real Estate agency, being responsible for the Marketing. But as soon as one of the commercial representative left that company, I knew I had to have a chat with my manager at that time, in order to apply for the job. Already the day after, I started visiting properties with clients……and I have been doing so ever since.

What led you to Altea Moraira Villas?

Sometimes in life you come across an opportunity you cannot resist!
The 2 managing partners José Ivars and Arie Staalduinen at “Moraira Invest” have a very successful company in Moraira for many years now. I have always admired their modern villas and the way of quality construction of these properties in the area Moraira. After having several inspiring conversations with both gentlemen, discussing their plans for the future, we have joined forces in August last year and started the company in Altea! That´s how it started for me…..

How has your previous working background contributed to your carreer as a real estate agent?

Pfoooo…that´s a difficult one. Firstly, It´s not only my working background that has contributed. In this line of work, I think you need to be a people´s person. I think I am!
Also, it has been of importance that you really have to love what you do. Personally I have a great affinity with Real Estate. So if you love what you do, than work is almost like a hobby. It is not a guarantee for success but it really helps a lot….

Do you feel that your Dutch Nationality has helped you with your career in real estate in Spain?

Ask any Dutch citizen about his Nationality and you will find out that we are very proud people. So having said this, you probably already expect my answer being a firm “YES” 😊
But seriously, it has been an advantage learning to speak several languages at a young age at school. So indeed my Dutch Nationality has helped a lot because of this. Now having children of my own, I think it is “a present” you can give to your children learning them to speak foreign languages.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Meeting different kinds of people every day, I love it…

What advice do you have for fellow agents who are looking to start a career in real estate in Spain?

Don´t do it ….hahaha. Just kidding..
It is the same in every line of work, you need to be well prepared.
Apart from having studied “Spanish Real Estate” and having knowledge of rules and regulations, you also should know the areas and what kind of properties you have in this region. Another very important point is that you should speak the Spanish language really well.
If you do not speak Spanish, it will be so much more difficult to be successful.
So my advice is short is : Learn the language, Learn the business and learn about the regions and properties! Then you are already halfway…