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Everything about Altea

Church in old town of Altea


Altea is one of the most charming towns on Spain’s ‘White Coast,’ located in the region of Alicante on the Costa Blanca. The town is just 11 km north of Benidorm, yet these two resorts are worlds apart. Altea is similar to other Costa Blanca towns: It has a new section and an old section perched on top of a hill from where you’ll find really spectacular views.

About Altea

Altea has excellent amenities, but if you want all-night discos and bright city lights on your holiday, give Altea a miss. This town is a holiday haven for the more discerning tourist who will be captivated by its medieval cobbled streets, its picture book old quarter, and the delights of its palm-fringed seafront promenade.

Altea History

The name Altea is derived from the Greek Altahia, meaning “I cure.” It was under Arab domination in the 12th century, but was reconquered by Jaime I of Aragon in 1244. It became a town in 1279. The history of Altea is marked by many civilisations that have settled here: Iberians, Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans were traders who left their imprint on the area’s economy; Arabs improved agriculture and imported sophisticated arts of fishing.

new promenade in Altea

What to do in Altea

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to live in, or just go on vacation, Altea should be on your watchlist. Altea is a small picturesque town at the Costa Blanca in Spain, where you’ll feel, see, and breathe a real Spanish atmosphere.

Excursions from Altea

Eight kilometers inland from Altea, Polop is a small town surrounded by orchards and pine groves. It’s highly recommended for those seeking peace, quiet, and cool summer nights. From the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) that presides over the town, you can obtain superb views of surrounding valleys shaped by Morisco farmers many years ago. Benidorm makes a great day out with its eclectic collection of bars and playgrounds–and ferry rides to the Balearics can be made from nearby Denia.

Cuisine in Altea

Altea, a town with a great fishing tradition and access to the sea and land, has always made the most of its local produce. The town’s cuisine is based on fish, shellfish and vegetables in the elaboration of its most typical dishes.

Two typical recipes are “arròs amb fessols” (rice with kidney beans) and “arròs amb fessols i polp” (rice with kidney beans and octopus). They are only different by the addition of octopus or a variety of vegetables.

Keep reading to find out more specific things to do in Altea, below.

Views over Altea from the church
Open views of Altea

Where is Altea?

Altea is a small town on the Costa Blanca North, in the Valencia region in Spain. It’s located just a couple of kilometers from well-known areas such as Benidorm, Calpe, Denia, and Javea, which can all be easily reached by bus, train, or private transport.

Altea is in a great position and very easily accessible. The closest Airport to Altea in Alicante, which is just over 70 km away, with hundreds of flights leaving each day. You could also use Valencia Airport which is just under 150 km away. Getting around Altea and the surrounding areas couldn’t be easier, with regular tram services running along the coast, bus routes with plenty of stops, and taxis available daily. 

Is Altea expensive?

Altea can’t be considered cheap, but prices are fair because you get what you pay for, and Altea offers a lot.

The average price per square meter of housing in Altea (according to data from Idealista) is 2091€. As I previously mentioned, this is not cheap, and it makes Altea one of the more expensive areas at the Costa Blanca, but it’s definitely worth it.

You can also find affordable housing in Altea though, as some options are ranging 70.000€. One of the most expensive areas would be Altea Hills (2299€ per square meter), where you can find all types of homes such as apartments, villas, bungalows, townhouses in all styles from Spanish style to modern new build; made for all sorts of tastes and budgets.

You can find all our available properties for sale in Altea, here.

How is the weather in Altea?

The climate in Altea is very pleasant with warm summers and mild winters. The average maximum temperature in winter is 16°C and the average summer temperature is 29°C. Sunny days with 22 degrees in the afternoon are certainly not uncommon in October and November. December and January are the coldest months with maximum temperatures around 16°C and also have the most rainfall, on average 13 days per month. From February on, the weather will quickly warm up. The average measured temperature in February is 16°C but also in this month, there are almost every year several warm days with a lovely 20°C in the afternoon.

Is Altea worth visiting? – Things to do in Altea

Church Square 

Altea Church square is a must-visit. The whitewashed buildings, cobbled streets, and pretty flowers leading to the central square give off a true charming feel. The square is dominated by the scenery of the Parroquia Nuestra Senora del Consuelo, the beautiful church with two blue domed roofs. Many visitors like to enjoy a meal at the restaurants of the square whilst taking in the culture. Discover the church’s inner beauty by taking a look inside, where you will find high ceilings and a beautifully detailed interior.

Church square of Altea

Altea’s Market

The Altea market is held every Tuesday, it is a well-known huge market and often receives flocks of visitors from the neighbouring areas. The market has a variety of stalls selling all kinds of products such as clothing, bags, and food at great prices.

The market is located near the sports center on the outside of Altea under the railway bridge located in the old car park. It is quite an extensive market which is popular with the tourists.

tuesday market in altea


Altea has a wide selection of beaches, coves, and cliffs. Beaches here are much quieter than the crowded nearby areas, offering a more relaxed atmosphere. The long blue flag beach of La Roda has calm clean waters, the sand is golden and pebbled, to the edge of the beach you will find the Marina. For thrill-seekers, there is a range of watersports available on Altea beaches including Jet Skiing and paragliding.

aerial views of the beaches in Altea

Russian Orthodox Church

In the hills of Altea, just off the N-332 road, you will find the Russian Orthodox Church, the first Russian Orthodox Church built in Spain. The wooden church is very well maintained and leaves passers-by eager to take a look. It is free to visit, just remember to check the times so that you can get the full experience and also see the inside.

russian orthodox church in altea

Is Altea a safe place to live in?

Altea is a very safe place to live. You’ll feel safe at all times of day and night and, apart from some odd pick-pocket incidents, you don’t hear of any crime taking place in the town.

How can I find a property to buy or rent in Altea?

Altea counts with numerous real estate agents, some are better than others, but that’s all about personal preference. You’ll find properties on most estate agents’ portfolios.

We at Altea Moraira Villas are well-known international estate agents in Altea, and we can help you find the property you’re looking for as we count with a broad portfolio and connexions in the area.

Unfortunately though, to rent, we can’t assist you as we solely focus on sales, because we want to stay specific and be the best at what we do.

You can learn more about our estate agents in Altea, here.