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Our estate agents in Altea go one step further for you

Altea Moraira Villas innovates and meets all clients needs, which makes us one of the go-to real estate agents in Altea at the Costa Blanca North.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we’ve had to rapidly adapt to our clients needs, as many couldn’t or still can’t leave their home country, be it due to this crisis or even because of work.

We understand that photos are good to make a basic decision, but not enough to make a final decision whether to buy a property or not, so as innovative estate agents in Altea, we offer online viewings.

How does this work?Online viewings Altea Moraira Villas estate agents

Very simple with our new technology. We send our professionals to the property that you’re interested in, and we film the property for you to a better look and understanding of the space.

This can be done live on an agreed time, or it can be filmed and then sent straight to your inbox. If done live, you’ll be able to ask the agent anything you want, just like in a normal viewing, and if not done live, you can still ask your questions after watching the viewing video.

Do you not feel too confident with this process?

There’s nothing to worry about. Altea Moraira Villas are the go-to real estate agents in Altea for a reason. With our advanced technology, high-tech office and modern website, we’ve been making client’s dreams come true for many years now, and we look forward to keep doing so through constant innovation, because you deserve the best services.

Request your free online viewing for any property that you’re interested in!